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This is generally the section where the artist puts down his/her resume. I'll keep mine brief. No fancy art schools, no decades of art experience. In fact, I was once asked to leave a high school art class, being told "I didn't have an artistic bone in my body." Believing that to be true, I've served in Emergency Medicine since 2007, with lots of fancy letters after my name.

The truth is, sometime in 2017, after a particularly difficult shift, I sat down in search of a healthy way to decompress and discovered I can draw! Fast forward to today... I'm so grateful (daily) to be able to create meaningful tributes with my clients, for my clients.

Be it a fallen K-9, a beloved grandparent, or an irreplaceable pet, I work WITH my clients to create a unique way to remember them. I seek to create something that evokes emotion, and live for the reactions of people when they first see the finished piece. Thank you for your interest and support!

Elena Johnson

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